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2014 Yearlings
At E Slash Ranch Registered Thoroughbreds of Hagerman, New Mexico, we place quality and prestige above all else. Our racehorses, yearlings, foals, and broodmares are descended from the most prolific Chefs-de-Race and are sure to suit your every need.

Yearlings for Sale

Browse our selection of fine young yearlings and check out their valuable pedigrees:

Ima Flyin' Lion — SOLD

Colt, born May 13, 2013
American Lion — Sire
Ta Aruf — Dam

Riveting Rosie

Filly, born February 5, 2013
Everyday Heroes — Sire
Hut Maid — Dam

Navajo Code Talker

Colt, born April 13, 2013
Everyday Heroes — Sire
I'll Lead — Dam

Storm Outa' Dixie

Colt, born March 5, 2013
Embrace the Storm — Sire
Southern Angel — Dam

Thunder Roll

Colt, born January 30, 2013
Roll Hennessy Roll — Sire
Arctic Storm Cloud — Dam

Pecos Breeze

Colt, born March 13, 2013
Embrace the Storm — Sire
Liahona — Dam

Wind Rain & Fire

Colt, born April 3, 2013
Embrace the Storm — Sire
Glory Command — Dam

Siberian Squall — SOLD

Filly, born May 29, 2013
Everyday Heroes — Sire
Russian Olive — Dam

Sniper Fire — SOLD

Filly, born April 6, 2013
Golden Missile — Sire
Whistling Bullet — Dam

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